All you need is love some felt. And a brooch base. And some chain. And a sewing kit. 
Cut out different sizes of hearts of the felt. I used two shades of red. Then use a piece of felt as a base, and start sewing on the hearts. 

After you're done, sew the remainging three hearts to the chains, and then the other end of the chains to the felt base. (Note: since these chains gonna dangle like crazy, try to sew very nicely, so that the back of these hearts won't be that messy.) Take another piece of felt, and sew on the metal brooch base. Then sew the two bases together, so that the one with the brooch base will cover the messy back of the sewings. And ta-daaa you have a cute brooch for Valentine's day. U can ass some sequins or beads if you feel like, this time I went glamourless. Hope you like it.



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